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Brain tumors suck. Hi, I'm Patrick btw. This is my cancer blog. My "normal" stuff is over here.

What Happened Then?

Procrastination, The.
Procrastination, The.

Did I get you with the title? I didn’t really know what to choose, so this is what I came up with. The answer is: Not much, but I owe this blog at least one entry every year, and it’s already July, so I better hurry up.

Update: Uh, yeah, so now it is October and I still didn’t publish this post. I’m writing this after reading a WaitButWhy post from 2013 about procrastination that I found while reading the comment section on Reddit. Go figure…

Because of the Pandemic, it really feels like nothing much happened until the last time I posted. The tumor (or what remains of it) is still laying low, so I consider myself lucky. Especially after I read about Liz’s recent brain tumor adventures. She rocks, check out her website!

I switched from bodyweight only to additional Kettlebell training recently. I’m following a very simple routine, because I don’t want to think too much and it is very satisfying to just pick heavy things up and put them down again.

Guitar practice is also continuing slowly but nicely. I worked with an online teacher for some months and took away a lot of cool ideas from that. By the way, Life Pro Tip: If you have some weird idea of when to get your practice done, remember that due to the wonder that is the Internet, you can get online teaching from anywhere in the world! I like to get up very early (4:30am), so I booked this really nice Australian guy living in New Zealand (hey Dave!). With a time zone difference of +10 hours, I was able to get my lessons at 5am in the morning!

The kids are growing like crazy, I can’t believe that since August, two of them are in school and not only one. Feels like our oldest just started, and now she’s already reading books so fast we can barely keep up with buying new ones.

See y’all next year.