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Brain tumors suck. Hi, I'm Patrick btw. This is my cancer blog. My "normal" stuff is over here.

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2019-01-27 ...And Another One

2018-03-27 Another Year Gone By

2017-10-12 Book Review: It's Ok to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too)

2017-08-26 Summer Update

2017-03-07 March News

2016-12-30 Movie Review: Halt auf freier Strecke

2016-12-17 Tumor Information Update: Molecular Genetics

2016-11-13 Book Review: Arbeit und Struktur

2016-11-04 October News

2016-09-25 Secrets

2016-09-22 Sterben mit Swag

2016-09-12 Waiting

2016-08-08 New Layout

2016-05-15 About Habits and Routines

2016-02-27 Meditation And Mindfulness

2015-12-24 On Working Out

2015-12-20 Patrick Meets Patric

2015-11-17 Guest Blog Post: Living with Oligoastrocytoma

2015-11-06 Do It Now

2015-11-01 Radiotherapy The Sequel: MRI Results

2015-08-22 Radiotherapy Part Four (And Last): All Finished

2015-07-22 Radiotherapy Part 3.5: Going Full Heisenberg

2015-07-19 Radiotherapy Part Three: 12 Sessions Down, 18 To Go

2015-07-04 Radiotherapy Part 2.5: The Hairstyle

2015-06-28 Radiotherapy Part Two: The Mask

2015-06-27 Radiotherapy Part One: FET-PET Scan

2015-05-03 It Had to Happen Eventually

2014-11-01 Being a Father With Cancer

2014-03-16 Disability Passes in Germany

2013-09-21 September Update

2013-05-01 Some Quick Notes

2013-02-23 Controlling Your Body

2012-11-25 Pre-MRI Pressure

2012-09-30 About the Loss of Muscle Memory after Brain Surgery

2012-09-25 Photo Story: 1st Round

2012-09-05 MRI: Heidelberg

2012-08-28 Revamped Blog Layout

2012-07-30 Tumor Humor - Never Underestimate the Healing Effects of a Good Laugh

2012-07-15 New Website Section: Books

2012-07-06 The Shaking Side-Effects of Brain Tumors: Epilepsy

2012-06-25 Inspiring Books: Randy Pausch — The Last Lecture

2012-06-18 So, everything is ok now, right?

2012-06-11 Chemotherapy with Temodal - a Personal Report

2012-06-07 Why I Decided to Start this Blog

2012-06-03 My Story, or How it all Began