"Never give up. Never surrender."
(Jason Nesmith aka Captain Taggart, Galaxy Quest)
Brain tumors suck. Hi, I'm Patrick btw.
This is my cancer blog. My "normal" stuff is over here.

About Habits and Routines

Posted: 2016-05-15

HabitBull Screenshot

I cannot remember exactly when my interest in habit building was sparked initially, but I guess it was a process that slowly evolved after I first started to use the Getting Things Done (GTD) method in my life. I definitely developed an interest in how to build sustainable habits when I started my bodyweight exercises journey.

There’s a lot to be said about habit and routine building, but as other have already put a lot of effort into describing how to build habits, I will not repeat everything in this post. Let me just reiterate the most important points:


Meditation And Mindfulness

Posted: 2016-02-27

Meditating in Nature is Great

Here I am, up since 5am (to be fair though, I usually get up at 5:15). My daughter happily sits on my lap, trying to mash on the keyboard, hitting random keys and potentially destroying what I just wrote. She’s been up since about 4am, so I didn’t really sleep since then, and she insisted on getting up with me instead of staying in bed a bit longer. But I remain calm. Update: This was written on February 23rd, not today when I uploaded the final blog post.


On Working Out

Posted: 2015-12-24

My rings setup on vacation in Canada. I wish I had that view at home...

Happy holidays everyone! It is pure coincidence that this became a Christmas post though. My first blog post about my training regimen was back in 2013, please read it if you haven’t already. Since then, a couple of things have changed.

First of all, my weight. I peaked at about 82kg (180.7lbs) and am now at a still healthy 77.6kg (171lbs), with the goal to get up to 80kg (176.3lbs) again. At a height of 189cm (6’2"), 77.6kg make a BMI of 21.8. Weighting between 71kg and 91kg (156.5lbs — 200.6lbs) is considered normal for me. My lowest weight, after my first surgery, was 62kg (136.6lbs), with a BMI of 17.4. With a BMI under 20, you are considered to be underweight. Let’s see where I land after the holidays :).


Patrick Meets Patric

Posted: 2015-12-20

Please excuse the potato quality, it was already late and this was shot with my Nexus 5 and not a real camera.

A couple of days ago, I finally met Patric, another brain tumor patient. I contacted him after I heard his WRINT podcast episode about being diagnosed with a Glioblastoma. Remember, back in 2013, I also did a WRINT podcast about my brain tumor.


Guest Blog Post: Living with Oligoastrocytoma

Posted: 2015-11-17

At a Stone Beach in Canada

I’ll make it short today: Check out my guest blog post over at Spero for Cancer. The original title was “Preparing for the Inevitable”, but I guess it didn’t fit the theme :). I’m mainly touching two topics I want to write about in more depth here when I find the time: Working out (I already did so in 2013, I think an update is in order), meditation, and what both have to do with cancer.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Spero nor do I endorse their app in any way. I didn’t even had the chance to test it yet, as there is currently no Android version available. They just asked nicely if I would write a guest post, so I did.