Offensive Thinking

Brain tumors suck. Hi, I'm Patrick btw. This is my cancer blog. My "normal" stuff is over here.

Status Update 2024

Maintenance Mode

I’ll make this brief: yes, I’m still here, living my life. Nothing new on the tumor front, which is good. Oh, and to spare my body a bit of the contrast agent, I decided to only do MRIs every 6 months now instead of every 4 months.


What Happened Then?

Procrastination, The.

Did I get you with the title? I didn’t really know what to choose, so this is what I came up with. The answer is: Not much, but I owe this blog at least one entry every year, and it’s already July, so I better hurry up.


10th Tumorversary

Just chillin' after 10 years.

Wow. Today marks the 10th year of my brain tumor journey! On February 14th, 2011, I woke up with a seizure, and from there it all began, leading to this post. Now I’m sitting here typing for this (neglected) blog, thinking about how time flies and how grateful I am to be where I am right now.


2019 Review

The beard is my one weakness.

As a man of integrity, I’m proud to stand true to my promise in January 2019 not to deliver any blog posts in 2019. ;)


...And Another One

Time Flies...

I didn’t think I would manage to top the hiatus I described in my last blog post, but here we are: Only one post in 2018. Which apologizes for not blogging in 2017. How about that?