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Photo Story: 1st Round

Me, wearing a hat. Because I can.
Me, wearing a hat. Because I can.

One of my colleagues at work is a hobby photographer. He owns all this shiny equipment, but rarely gets to really use it, as he himself says. So one evening, when we were out for a couple of beers, he had the idea of starting a photo series with me, to document my brain tumor journey and life in general.

The plan is to make new photos every couple of months. We currently settled for three month, as that seemed to be the most reasonable amount of time and coincides nicely with my trimonthly MRI checkups.

Ideally, of course, the photos will only document a pretty normal life, as long as my brain tumor keeps quiet (which it hopefully will until I die of old age, like, being 50 or something). That’ll at least get me some nice pictures for the blog and my personal photo albums. For my colleague, it gives him the opportunity to work on his skills as a photographer and get invited to a couple of beers from me from time to time, so it’s a win-win situation for both of us.

We’ll see how long we can keep up with this idea. We started about two weeks ago, so here come the first couple of photos. Yes, it took me while to get this blog post done. Thanks again Alex for taking these, I think they turned out fantastic (as far as this is possible when I’m on the photos).

No, the hat in the last five pictures is not just a prop, I wear hats rather regularly. That was actually really convenient when I had my head partially shaved after surgery (see here), as I just kept wearing my hats as usual. Well, as soon as it didn’t put uncomfortable pressure on the scar any longer, that is. The second picture also shows quite nicely the “dent” I have in my head since the surgery. I could of course try to hide it with a different hairstyle, but I show it anyway. It first of all doesn’t bother me and secondly reminds me everyday in the mirror that I’m lucky to be still alive and living an almost normal life at the moment.