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Another Year Gone By

First Workout Of the Year Outside
First Workout Of the Year Outside

Great. I managed a whopping three blog posts in 2017. So, uh, Happy New Year!

Actually, there’s not much news to tell. My MRIs are as stable as ever. In fact, they are so stable I decided together with my oncologist in Heidelberg, that it is perfectly fine to do my MRIs in Aachen and just send him the files for review.

So that’s what I did in February, where I had my last MRI on the day of my seventh(!) tumorversary. I can’t believe it was already that long ago. But here I am, going strong. As you can see in the accompanying picture, I’m still using handstands to assess my physical fitness and check in with my body, amongst my other training. Fun fact: The hemiparesis I had after surgery and the loss of muscle memory might actually have an effect on my handstand line. There’s a slight twist in it and I have trouble keeping my left elbow straight during kick-ups. Now, this can have all kinds of reasons, but in a handstand, even minor imbalances you wouldn’t see otherwise can become very pronounced and therefore recognizable. Or maybe I just suck at handstands ;).

I’m looking forward to another year where I hopefully don’t have to report anything unusual about my tumor and instead can write some trivial filler stuff like this post, to keep you informed. I for one am looking forward to the temperatures rising again, and more time outside instead of hunched before a screen!