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March News

Spring is around the Corner!
Spring is around the Corner!

Nothing much happened since my last post, life was busy in general and I didn’t have the time to do much research on the topics I still want to write about. Therefore, just a quick update.

First and most important: Another clean MRI mid-February, and another reduction of my Levetiracetam intake. I’m now at the minimal dosage of 2x750mg per day. My oncologist says that currently, a further reduction would not be advisable, to minimize the risk of the epilepsy recurring. As I don’t have any side effects (yet) from taking Levetiracetam, that’s ok with me for now.

Another topic: In the last couple of years, from time to time I get emails from organizations (usually some volunteer is contacting me) that ask me if I could link their websites in the links section. I was hesitant about this for a long time, as I always feared that I might link some website that later turns out to be something shady, as there are for example many law firms out there that run websites with a cancer theme, only to get new clients. I don’t want my readers to get the impression that I endorse this.

However, I decided to go through the process of checking all the websites that have accumulated since I started this blog (to be fair, it weren’t that many) and linking those that I found to be ok. The links section has therefore been updated. If you find any website there where you have concerns about their legitimacy, I appreciate every help in the vetting process. Please contact me with anything you find and I will look into it.