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Radiotherapy Part 2.5: The Hairstyle

If I remember things correctly, kids call this a "selfie" these days...
If I remember things correctly, kids call this a "selfie" these days...

One negative aspect of doing radiotherapy with a brain tumor is that the chances of getting bald patches on your head are quite high. So this time I decided to go for the preemptive strike and cut my hair very short.

In 2011, when I had my surgery, I did the mistake of thinking that I don’t need to take care of this, as they would cut the hair anyway. Nope, have a look at my very first blog post. They just removed the hair where they the needed to cut my scalp. Looked quite ridiculous, to be honest.

I quite like the new look, and it is rather liberating not to take care of your hairstyle in the morning, I have to admit. It is also brutally hot at the moment, so the short hair is definitely better suited for the weather. The last time my hair was this short must be about twelve years ago, so I had absolutely no idea if my head shape is still ok for short hair. I think I’m doing well though. The only thing is that now, you can see my scars to the left and right of my head, where the hair never grew back. I just wear them with pride :). I decided to cut it really short and then go from there, so I don’t frighten my environment too much by going for a shaved head directly. If I develop bald patches that can be seen, I will shave my head completely. Let’s see what happens. It’ll be interesting how a bald head turns out with the prominent scars on the top of my head, as you can’t see them at the moment.

Oh, and yes, I had my first two sessions already, in case you counted the days and see the date of this blog post. Good catch :). Up to now, nothing major happened, I feel quite well. I will write a lengthier blog post about the sessions when I have a few under my belt.