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September Update

Have fun with WR208
Have fun with WR208

Aaaaand the temperatures are falling again. Time for a status update I guess. Before anyone wonders, I’m still totally ok, no changes in the MRI to see (last one was at the beginning of July).

WR208 Hirntumor

First of all, for all the German-speaking folks out there: I did a very nice podcast episode about brain tumors for WRINT with Holger Klein. Thanks again Holgi for having me on the podcast.


Apart from that, the only thing that happened is that I found out I have a very mild form of migraine. Something must be really wrong with my brain I suppose… See, I started to see this circle of flickering light that starts as a small dot, but gets bigger and bigger until it vanishes completely. Takes about 30min. This only very rarely happened in the past, and at first, I didn’t know what it was. I thought it might be another form of an epileptic aura, so I asked my neurooncologist about it. He told me that the way I describe it, it is almost certainly a migraine aura. Wikipedia’s definition for Scintillating scotoma describes quite well what I’m experiencing, have a look at the animated GIFs. Ah well, at least I’m lucky and don’t (yet) get any splitting migraine headaches like most others do. In fact, after the auras subsides I feel a bit weird, but can continue for example to work without any problems.

So that’s my September update. Maybe now that the days are getting shorter and colder again, I might have more time to write about those things I still have in my queue. On the other hand, who am I kidding… But seriously, if anyone of you reading this has a particular question about something, send me an email and I’ll work it into a blog post if possible.