Offensive Thinking

Brain tumors suck. Hi, I'm Patrick btw. This is my cancer blog. My "normal" stuff is over here.

Why I Decided to Start this Blog

Poster I got from an awesome friend when I was at the hospital, reminding me to kick my brain tumor's ass every single day
Poster I got from an awesome friend when I was at the hospital, reminding me to kick my brain tumor's ass every single day

If you’ve read my story, you might wonder why I even decided to put this stuff online in the first place. I mean, it is rather personal, isn’t it? And if you look at all my other stuff on the Internet, you’ll see that normally, I’m not giving away very much personal information.

When I got diagnosed with my brain tumor, one of the first things I did was to search the internet for more information, being the computer nerd that I am. I wanted to know everything there is about this disease. This lead me to some very useful websites (see the links section, I’ll try to keep it updated) that helped me understand what was happening to me.

There were not only the informational websites, but also personal blogs from people who, just like me, got hit by the diagnosis of having cancer and now write about their life with a brain tumor. These blogs, like Liz’s, served as an inspiration and showed me that others feel the same way I do, too. Liz, I’ve never met you or talked to you, but if you ever read this: thanks for your blog, it really made me want to start writing about my own experiences.

So after more than a year of surviving, I decided that I want to help others too, by putting my ramblings and experiences online and getting all this stuff out of my head1. It is also kind of therapeutic ;).

This blog is additionally meant as a place where anyone who cares about what’s happening to me can be kept updated, without having to tell the same story over and over again. There’s also the fact that sometimes, I’m just not in the mood or lack the time and strength to explain the same things in detail again and again, so writing it down will hopefully make it easier for me to express my feelings about certain topics that come up very often, like the dreaded question if everything is ok now and if I’m out of the woods. To already give you the short answer to that: thanks for caring, but no, I’m not, I’ve just learned how to live with my cancer. This’ll also get worked into another blog post soon.

As one of my intentions for this blog is to learn more about all the awesome people out there battling cancer day by day, please feel free to add a comment, write me an email or contact me on Twitter.

1 Hah! See what I did there? ;)